Automated Customer Engagement

What is customer engagement and why should you care?

Almost all businesses understand that the experience that your customer receives from the quality of service you provide will put a happy thought in their head and a warm feeling when they see or hear your name.

But, in this big world full of social media and advertising noise, it has become more important than ever to create ways that you can remind these loyal customers of these wonderful feelings and happy thoughts that you worked so hard to put in place.

It is important to create focused campaigns with engaging content, to catch their eyes and ears once again.

Get the word out to your loyal fans

Want to showcase an upcoming sale, new product or service, or community event you’re participating in? Let us help you efficiently spread the word and be seen by your customer base with an automated customer engagement campaign.

Whether it is with email, sms text messaging, or Facebook Messenger, we can help you connect and keep these customer lists within a digital marketing platform to help you contact and track the engagements.

We can take the struggle off of your workload to set up multiple campaigns.


Facebook Messenger: 88% of customers will open your Facebook Messenger message to see what is said.  This is our premium service to connect with your Facebook Business page to engage with your customers. This can even be joined up with your website messenger using a platform we recommend called Manychat


Still ranking high in ROI is the use of email in a way to keep customers engaged. Per every $1 spent, we are still seeing up to 40x that in return. Therefore, keeping this marketing method fresh will continue to see major returns for you and your business.

SMS Texting

With the introduction of RCS (rich communication services) now in 2019, you have the ability to blend your messaging that you would normally send in an email or messenger into a text message with a much higher level of response than ever before. You can even add easy-click buttons into these campaigns for super quick responses from your customers.


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