connect your business with customers looking for your services at the perfect time

Stop paying Google and Facebook for THEIR customer data.

Turn YOUR anonymous website traffic into customer data.

Know WHEN these customers are searching for your services.

Advertise DIRECTLY to them on any platform.

Stop paying Google and Facebook to find YOUR customer data and then pay them AGAIN to feed it back to you whenever you want to advertise.

Do you know how Google and Facebook make money?

They are Data Landlords.

They own major data real estate.

They rent the customer demographics every day and every time you want to advertise.

There is no rent-to-buy option.


Sure, they promise to you that over time, the data will get better and they will learn about your customers more and more.

Eventually, after giving them LOTS and LOTS of money, your ad spend will go down.

The final result after giving Google and Facebook tons of MONEY, they promise to finally give you the BEST data they have.

Well guess what? They aren’t the only Data Landlords in town anymore.

That’s right!

There’s another way.

You can NOW own your VERY OWN data and treat Google, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and dozens of other places on the web ALL THE SAME.

And… you can keep that data FOREVER.


Data is the new hot topic everywhere.

Big businesses OBSESS over their customer data and they pay BIG money to use it in the right way.

If you aren’t starting to mimick what successful Big Businesses are doing with data, you are losing out.


And we can give it to you.

To keep FOREVER.

Plug it in, wherever you want, whenever you want.



Upswing can help save up to 75% on your cost per click costs!

First-Party Data

Have permanent & portable identity data in order to advertise to your ideal clients.

The prospects who came to your view your services just once can be targetted on ANY platform at ANY time.

In Funnel Leads

Be able to know who is visiting your website and then advertise to them directly.

A cutting-edge marketing tactic for strategically spending your advertising resources.

behavioral AI LEADS

Avoid letting advertising platforms hide the real data from you and generate behaviorally targetted lists of in-market prospects to show your ads to every week!

Do you want to know how to get more clients, retain them longer, and bring them exactly what they want at the EXACT time they want it?

Of course you do.

We are in the business of helping you do these things using exclusive, proprietary data that you won’t find anywhere else.


We offer the ability to produce a better outcome for your business.


If you are looking for creating a customer list and knowing exactly when these customers are ready to buy your services then we are the perfect partnership.


We are looking for businesses that are ready for what we offer.


We want to help you grow.


It might sound like the silver bullet, and for most businesses it is.

BUT, we can’t and we won’t work with everyone.

We look for business partnerships that want to grow reliably and are ready to do so.


So…are YOU ready??

Ready to talk about how our digital marketing services can help increase your business revenue?

What you can expect from us

  • Direct communication with us
  • Dedicated project management on a schedule
  • Full approval of website and site content
  • Flexible collaboration opportunity

Superior Digital Marketing services we deliver

  • Customized support, you’re not just a number with us
  • Highly targeted data to gain new clients for your business
  • Sales support & education to help better nurture your leads
  • Highly sought after behavior data to gain more profits
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