Where does your audience hang out online the most?

What type of business do you run?

Do you operate in a brick & mortar store where customers can come in to purchase or receive services?

Will your social media followers benefit from seeing pictures of your work?

Will your social media followers enjoy seeing short videos of your business & your updates?

Does your audience use social media for fun or professional purposes?

Do you want to be doing a large part of the social media branding?

Will your audience use your social media posts as inspiration for future ideas?

For example, will they see a home decor picture with your furniture piece & want to save the image for their upcoming home redecorating?

How much time do you want to spend on social media?

Which Social Media Platform do I need?

Photo & video sharing platform, used for scrolling on mobile. Target Audience is mostly female, although males are gaining share, ages 18-40 Best for industries that are visual based: Fashion, Beauty, Event Management, Travel, Hospitality, Photography, Food & Beverage

Post, photo & video sharing platform, mostly used as social sharing & for advertising Target Audience is both male & females, ages 25-60+ Best for ALL INDUSTRIES. No matter your business you should have a Facebook presence as it can help with your online search engine ranking

Post messages, news stories (can attach images) Target Audience is both male & females, ages 18-35+ Best for industries that need to share updated information frequently, such as news sites, health & wellness, Travel, Hospitality, Finance & Sports

Business & employment oriented platform, options to share site posts & business updates Target Audience is both males & females, ages 21-45+ Best for industries related to employment, such as financial, technology, legal, education, marketing, IT, really any professional services

An image heavy search engine AND social media platform Target Audience is mostly females, ages 18-50 Best for industries that supply images & blog posts, such as any blogging business, health & wellness, Travel, Food & Beverage, Home Decor, Renovations, Event Planning, Fashion, Arts & Crafts, Educators

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