What is the Google Panda Update?

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Google is a massive web search engine.  It’s the search engine that you want your business to be featured on.  Having a page located in the top results of a Google search can rake in revenue for a business, blog, news outlet, you name it.  And just like any other business or entity, it is continuously changing, updating and adapting to its environment. The way Google has ranked websites has and will continue to change based on what is known as it’s Google Search Algorithm.

It’s important to understand what each update means for you and your businesses online ranking.  We’ll be releasing easy to understand information about these game changing updates that Google has set forth over the years, starting with …

The Panda Google Update

        One of the first impactful updates Google released was the Panda Google Search update in 2011.  The Panda Google Update was released in stages, with each one coming out every month for the following three years.  Talk about a trickle effect that kept everyone on their toes (for the first time in a long time). The Panda update was mainly focused on on-page components, deciding whether or not the material on a page (or website) offered information about the keywords used in the search for that topic.

        Essentially, Google has been trying to make sure that what a user is searching for can be found on sites that provide the quality information they’re seeking.  As opposed to sites that carry very little information and link to other pages instead.

        For example: I Google Search, ‘how to make the best chocolate chip cookies’, and one of the links I click on brings me to a site that says how amazing delicious cookies are, and then provides links for where to buy the ingredients.  This site did not provide the information I was looking for, and was hoping I would make a purchase through a link of theirs.

Lesson Learned: provide useful information that your customers are searching for.

Fun fact: the Panda update is named after a Google engineer who developed the technology… this may not be a ‘fun’ fact since it’s not really about pandas though…

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