The Biggest Challenge for Marketers

& how to Overcome it in one easy step

We’ll keep this article short, sweet & to the point. The biggest challenge for marketers is finding new, qualified leads to advertise to. So many are caught in the mix of advertising to the general public, or what we like to call the haystack. And they are desperately searching for the needles in the haystack who may be interested in purchasing from them or paying for their business services.

Digital Marketing teams are asked to design beautifully crafted advertisements and to make sure they are seen by potential customers. Yet they are only able to advertise those designs to the general public. Leading to a low ROI (return on investment), and little to stagnant growth for the business.

Yes, some get lucky with their advertisements, and after spending a significant amount of money with an ad network, will eventually narrow down their scope of potentially interested customers. But again, the ROI on the wait is a steep exchange, especially for a business that is seeking growth AND an increase in revenue.

How to overcome the issue of poor quality leads in marketing:


        One of the best ways to find high quality, converting leads is to advertise based on behavior instead of demographics.

        By (1) advertising to individuals who have been on your website already (indicating that they are interested in your product or services), and (2) by advertising on behavior patterns shown by people who leading up to a purchase.


The first option – advertising to site visitors – we do this by utilizing a smart pixel.


The second option – advertising based on behavior patterns – we do this by acquiring data.

For example, A person doesn’t just choose a property management company by dialing up the first one they see and saying yes. They will follow a set of patterns prior to making their decision; they will research, ask questions, and eventually come to a conclusion. And during this process, you need to be on their screens via your advertisements so you can be top of mind when do they make a decision.

How to get access to your site visitors and behavior data:

        Give us a call – we help businesses grow their customer base and revenue every day by supplying them with the best quality leads they could ask for. No more paying excruciatingly high prices for exclusive leads or sharing non-exclusive leads and racing against your competition to close the sale first.

        We can help you earn a greater ROI on your advertising budget.

        However, we ONLY work with one business per area. We won’t supply the same data to more than one property management company in the same city. Upswing believes in proprietary information so that you can find success against your competitors.

        Reach out to us to see if your business and area is available for these successful lead generation services.

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