Top 9 Lead Generation Tactics

That any business can do

and their Pro’s and Con’s

The point of any marketing strategy is to generate new business for your company. This is called Lead Generation and is a vital part of any business’s growth.

We’ve put together nine top lead generation ideas that any business can do starting TODAY, as well as their Pro’s and Con’s for each.

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In this post we’ll be discussing:

-Our top 9 Lead Generation Ideas that don’t require a lead generation company

-Tried & true tactics for each idea for sucess

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Top Lead Generation Tactics for any business

(1.) Increase readers on your website 

You can increase visitors coming to your website by doing a few things:

(a) Incorporating SEO tactics both on and off of your website pages.

(b) By creating an authoritative site on your subject or industry you can create a site that converts readers into subscribers. To become an authoritative site you must provide valuable content in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and more. Essentially you want to become the most authoritative website out there for your services or products.

(c) This will mean you also need to continuously create content that counts (say that five times fast!)

PRO- organic traffic is free!

CON- the traffic is free, but the process to get there is not. Building traffic takes time and money. You’ll be paying an SEO agency or in-house team member to focus on it, as well as someone to be creating the content.

(2.) Build your Instagram

There are quite a few things you can do to build your Instagram:

(a) Post frequently

(b) Ensure your posts flow well with your branding; make sure you have a color scheme, a flow of images that look good together

(c) Engage with your audience- if someone comments or likes on a post, reply to their comment and show them some love on their profile

(d) Connect w/ other profiles that are similar to yours and with people you want to promote your company

(e) Have engaging captions- ask questions, provide free value


PRO- great way to build rapport & trust with your current customers and find new ones

CON- time-consuming to grow a successful account, as well as create the content going onto your profile

*Our biggest piece of advice with Instagram is to take your time ACTUALLY engaging with your people. Don’t pay for services that can buy your followers. For long term success you want organic growth.

[ Growing your Instagram can take hours of your time each week. Lighten your load by using Tailwind. Our recommended service to plan and schedule your Instagram profile]

(3.) Join an ad network

The top ad networks are Google, Bing, and LinkedIn. In order to find success with an ad network, you’ll need to spend money on ads, as well as put together high converting advertising (images and/or videos). However, these have been known to convert well for so many businesses, it would be a shame to avoid using these.


PRO- they’re convenient & easy to use

CON- they keep all of the data, (learn about first-party data importance here& ads are distributed based on demographic not behavior

*Did you know that you can actually outsmart these platforms by targeting your ideal customers? We can help you convert your advertising budget to actual revenue and grow your business. Ask us how!

(4.) Advertise on social media

The top social media networks to advertise on are Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Similar to the ad networks listed above, many businesses find conversion rate success with these platforms.

PRO- more & more users are on mobile devices for social media, so you’re more likely to get clicks on your ads

CON- they keep all of the data & it’s distributed based on demographic not behavior

Connect with us today to find out how we can utilize your advertising budget by targeting your best potential client base.

(5.) Provide free value to build an email list

By building an email list you are building your own first party data. And in order to get subscribers you should provide great FREE value to them. In your emails you should:

-Link to great quality content,

-Send out links to high value items,

-Create free downloadable pdfs.

Essentially provide the best free value so that they’ll want to subscribe


PRO- you maintain the information

CON- email lists can be difficult to grow without spending significant time providing value, and building your list with organic traffic to your site

(6.) Capture leads on your website

On your landing page(s) make sure you have a way to capture viewer information with a contact form of some kind. This ties into you building your email list and growing your organic traffic.

[we can help build your landing pages that convert!]

PRO- you maintain all of the information and acquire it from people who have visited your site

CON- not everyone who visits your landing page will input their information so you’ll be missing out on people who do visit your site. You can combat this though by following the next Lead Generation idea..

(7.) Go a step further & connect with each person who actually visits your website

Place a pixel on your website that can identify who each visitor is on your website. We help businesses do this every day by partnering with one industry individual per city or region

[We can set this up for you TODAY! Give us a call at (951) 744-5144]


PRO- you know these people are interested in your services as they’ve been on your website

CON- if you don’t have a lot of people coming to your website then you’d be paying for a service that won’t help grow your revenue

(8.) Strategize your advertising efforts & save money by using BEHAVIOR DATA in your advertising

We’ve mentioned this so many times before, and we’ll say it again- you do NOT need to be spending your advertising budget on everyone who is in your area. Stop advertising to the haystack. Instead advertise to the needles, the people who are actually interested and in need of your services.

We can provide behavior data that is accurate and up to date with YOUR industry. Ask us how by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this post!

PRO- you’ll be advertising to the needles in a haystack of users, which will save you money from advertising to the masses

CON- If you don’t do this, someone else in your field will and they’ll beat you in every sale you try to make

(9.) Network at events & conferences

There is bound to be a networking event or conference in your area that relates to your field. At these events, you can network with influencers who can promote your services and/or products, as well as find new potential customers.

There are also opportunities to speak at large events for greater exposure.

PRO- more organic growth & connection, as well as listen to feedback in real-time from people you meet

CON- networking is time-consuming and you can’t guarantee you’ll network at the best events or with the right people

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