Which social media platform do I need for my business?

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A question we’re asked frequently is “which social media platform do I need for my business”, and it is such a great question to be focused on if you run your own business.  The reason this question is asked is because having a high performing & converting social media page can take a large chunk of your time to manage. Time that could instead be focused on doing what you love or actually enjoying some well deserved free time.  With that being discussed, you may wonder if you even need social media at all or if it’s worth the time spent on it, and the answer is YES! You most definitely need social media in order to have a successful business.

In this post we’ll be discussing:

  • Why you need social media for your business
  • How to find your audience to focus your social media content planning
  • Which social media platforms you need for your business:






*with a fun quiz to help you figure this out!

Let’s jump right in!

Why you need social media for your business

        The whole point of social media is to be social.  To connect with others & engage with them, albeit it’s done through a screen, to find ways to connect that are genuine.  As a business owner you need to reach a wide & targeted audience, and social media helps you accomplish this. It can also help with your overall ranking on search engines, such as Google. Here is why you need social media for your business:

  • Social Media allows customers to find you who didn’t know you existed & buy directly from you
  • It is the best FREE marketing tool out there, and is easily shared
  • Is a great way to build brand loyalty by…
  • Sharing what it is you do & what makes your business unique; for example, people may know that Restaurant on Street X is a place to have a meal, but do they know that your bartenders have each created their own unique cocktail, or that your newest appetizer was inspired by the chef’s latest trip to Spain, or that you’ve recently upgraded your TVs so customers can watch the games their each week?
  • Easy way to boost your websites search engine ranking, as it’s one of the ways their algorithm’s can connect to being an authoritative business
  • Social media can allow you to get to know your customers better & cater/adjust your marketing tactics for even better results

This ties us into our next topic…

How to find your audience

In order to focus your social media content planning

        We want to make sure that your social media strategy – yes, it NEEDS to be a strategy -is focused, intentional & can work for your business, and in order to do that you need to know who your audience is.  Open a new document, or go ‘old school’ as our co-owner Laura prefers & use a pen & paper, and answer these questions in as much detail as possible:

MY Target Audience:

Think about your services or products that you sell, who your current customers are & who your competitors are

  • What are their ages:
  • Where do they live:
  • What is their annual income:
  • What industry do they work in:
  • What is their marital status:
  • Do they have kids:
  • What are their lifestyle hobbies/interests:
  • What pain points are you solving for them:
  • Which social media platforms do I think my audience is using most:

       Once you have an understanding of who your audience is, it will be easier to choose your selected social media platforms as well as what type of content you should be sharing.  Now, lets dive into the juicy part…

Which social media platform/s do I need for my business

        Our first piece of advice would be to only select one to two social media platforms to focus on.  If you have accounts on multiple platforms keep those accounts. We suggest optimizing them & then leaving them be until you can or want to focus your time on them again. [unsure how to optimize your social media accounts, click here!  We can help]

        You want to spend your time wisely by focusing on your targeted audience that we discovered above & crush your social standing on your top options.  As stated earlier, you need to have a social media strategy and we want to make sure that what you spend your time on is time expertly spent. Take our quiz to see which platform you need to be on & to help choose a potential second.

Check out this quiz we created just for business owners to help decide which social media platform they should be using.

If you’re unsure which social media platforms you should be using for your business, we can help you selectively choose the best ones to focus your time on.  We offer very reasonably priced social media consulting connect with us here to schedule a consultation call today!

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